There’s a new addition to the online Apple store called Compare Macs, which offers a three panel juxtaposition of the hardware, software, storage, environmental impact, communications and display of any Mac OS X machine sold by Apple. The option becomes available in the top menu bar once you select a Mac.

“Although there‚Äôs nothing particularly revolutionary about the feature, as usual, Apple has managed to execute the new option with such perfection that the HTML5 seems to shiver,” says “Cult of Mac” ( in reviewing the Compare Macs feature. “Each genre of juxtaposition — Hardware, Software, Technical Specifications, And Configuration Summary — is delineated into specific sections that collapse as you scroll down the page, with each point of comparison flushly horizontal with its comparable brethren. The pie charts under the Environmental Status Report section are particularly well rendered, using different patinas of oak and walnut to attractively convey the green-friendliness of each model.”