Excel Software (http://www.excelsoftware.com/) is shipping RbApp 2.3
for REALbasic developers. RbApp is a collection of reusable classes
for developing Mac OS X and Windows software using the REALbasic
programming language from REAL Software.

RbApp 2.3 has new properties, methods and events within some
components. The new release has been updated to support the latest
2009 R4 release of REALbasic from Real Software.

RbApp 2.3 supports REALbasic 2005, 2006 and 2007. It’s been tested on
PowerPC and Intel Macs and Windows 98 through Vista. RbApp is US$295
for a single user license. It can be added to a Mac or Windows
REALbasic program using a step-by-step procedure. It includes sample
applications, source code examples, a printed and PDF Developer’s
Guide and royalty-free distribution of RbApp code compiled into