Tension Software has updated CryptoEdit (http://www.pomola.com/products_cryptoedit/cryptoedit.html), a Mac OS X program to create and edit protected encrypted documents, to version 1.6. In the update a Menu service available to create a CryptoEdit document with selected text within any other application.

CryptoEdit can import from other documents in standard TEXT or RTF or RTFD (RTF + images) . Documents can also be exported as TEXT, RTF or standard RTFD (included images)

CryptoEdit document are saved always encrypted for security purpose. Saving a document containing images will create on disk a single file with all the text and images encrypted in a single file. Any data the user puts in the document is encrypted and not redeable without the right password.

CrytopEdit costs US$30, though version 1.6 is a free update for registered users.