Digital Rebellion ( has announced FCS Maintenance Pack Network Admin, a tool to administrate its FCS Maintenance Pack suite over a network, giving system administrators the opportunity to remotely maintain and optimize Final Cut Studio and Final Cut Express systems on their network.

FCS Maintenance Pack contains tools to repair corrupt QuickTime movies, locate corrupt clips within Final Cut Pro projects, diagnose crash logs, manage plugins and so much more. FCS Maintenance Pack Network Admin builds on this by allowing these functions to be performed remotely over a network and offering extra troubleshooting features in addition to those featured in FCS Maintenance Pack. The Difference Finder works out the differences between operating system, plug-in, kernel extension and framework versions to tell you what is unique about a certain group of computers.

This allows an administrator to instantly see if there is a configuration issue or outdated device driver that is causing a particular computer or group of computers to crash when all others are perfectly stable. This allows the administrator to diagnose the problem and resolve it with a minimum of downtime.

Administrators can also view Crash Analyzer statistics to discover how often the machines are crashing, which are the least stable, the most common cause of crashes, and more. Statistics can be compared over a period of time so that administrators can see if a certain action (such as installing a new operating system) had a positive or negative effect on stability.

If users experience a problem, they can request help directly from their system and the administrator is immediately notified in Network Admin, allowing them to remotely troubleshoot the problem. FCS Maintenance Pack Network Admin also allows users to sync preferences, plugins, user paths and scheduled tasks between computers, thereby minimizing problems and making it easier to move projects from one machine to another.

Network Admin requires FCS Maintenance Pack to be installed on each system, giving you access to 15 vital utilities including Autosave Cleaner, Compressor Repair, Corrupt Clip Finder, FCS Housekeeper, File Salvage and Plugin Manager.

FCS Maintenance Pack is available for US$129 with a 15-day demo available. FCS Maintenance Pack Network Admin is $59 for a five-user license and $129 for an unlimited user license. A 15-day trial is also available, and discounts are available for bulk purchases and educational/non-profit licenses.