Mirye Software (http://www.mirye.net) has announced the the Shade X 2010 Early Access Program for users of Shade 10 or higher. Shade X is an early access program that gives Shade users private access to early releases of the next generation of Shade, the professional 3D modeling, rendering and animation tool set from Mirye Software.

Shade X 2010 is available only to users of Shade 10. Shade X 2010 users will have access to pre-release versions of the next generation of Shade that will be released in English in 2011, as well as a full license of the product. Users of the Shade X Early Access Program will also have access to Shade Unplugged, a special, internal release of Shade, immediately available,  which adds several new features that will be incorporated into to the 2011 official release.

What’s more, Shade X 2010 users have access to a private forum and mailing list that includes professional artists, Mirye staff and Shade engineers. Current users of Shade 10 Designer or Standard can upgrade to Shade X Standard or Shade X Professional. Shade 10 Professional users upgrade to Shade X Professional only. The Shade X program starts at US$149. Shade is available on Mac OS X and Windows and supports both 32-bit and 64-bit operations. Shade Unplugged is immediately available for Shade X customers.