Jumsoft’s MailHere offers many new features and improvements

MailHere is a e-mail notification application for Mac OS X that will
quickly and easily check your POP, IMAP, Gmail and .Mac accounts. By using
MailHere one can efficiently delete unwanted e-mail messages and filter
spam without even reading it.

How it works

MailHere runs as a discreet menu bar icon far away from your important work
applications in the dock. When you get new e-mail, MailHere will bring your
desktop to life by playing a message with the sender’s name, photo and
message subject, plus sound and animation of your choosing. We have
included 3 smooth animations in MailHere: “Exclamatory” “.Mac” and “Mail

MailHere helps businesses become more effective by eliminating unproductive
focus on incoming e-mail.
And, of course, it will make using your Mac at home a lot more fun. When
you have MailHere in your Mac, you’ll feel like your friends came home with
you. Your screen will be alive with smiley faces and vivid animations
heralding their messages.

MailHere v3 features completely new mail engine, message deleting, spam
filtering, Gmail support, multiple authentication methods, ssl support, new
animations and improved interface.

Requirements: MailHere 3 is built only for Panther.

MailHere is a shareware application available for $15

Company Name: Jumsoft
Company URL: http://www.jumsoft.com
Product URL: http://www.jumsoft.com/mailhere