Dracoventions (http://www.dracoventions.com) has updated 2empowerFM Dialogs Unlimited, a FileMaker Pro plug-in, to version 2.0. The upgrade adds over 90 new features and fixes since version 1.5.

This plug-in lets you display advanced dialogs with any number of controls, including stylized text, buttons, fields, checkboxes, and radio buttons. Controls are automatically arranged according to official Apple and Microsoft Human Interface Guidelines, but users also have freedom to adjust control size, margins, which controls begin a new line of controls, and so on.

2empowerFM Dialogs Unlimited 2.0 is a free upgrade for those who purchased a license within the last year. For new users, a single-user license is US$59. There are new, lower prices are available for multiple users, plus a new unlimited-user option. Developer licenses are also available. Fully functional, 30-day demo copies can be downloaded with no sign-up required.