According to survey results by MyType, owners of Apple’s high-profile iPad are likely to be snobbish, rich and prone to the temptations of anger, lust and overeating, reports “eWeek” (

From March through May of 2010, online research firm MyType surveyed more than 20,000 of its users on Facebook about Apple’s iPad to determine the personality traits, values, demographics and interests that drive differences in opinion about the high-profile tablet computer. After weighting the responses to reflect the composition of the general Internet-using U.S. population between the ages of 13 and 49, it appears iPad owners possess the qualities of sophistication, intellect, snobbery and selfishness, notes “eWeek.”

The survey also found people who plead guilty to sins of indulgence are more likely to own an iPad. Ethnic minorities in the United States are in general much more likely to know what the iPad is than whites, according to survey results. Koreans and Chinese in the United States are over eight times and five times more likely, respectively, and U.S. residents of both Middle Eastern and African descent are more than twice as likely.