Digital Anarchy has announced a 64-bit release to their Primatte Chromakey plug-in. Primatte 3.5 adds compatibility for Adobe Photoshop CS5 and 64-bit operation on Mac and Windows systems.

Primatte Chromakey is the blue/greenscreen solution for photography. Version 3.5 update also provides an improved interface for easier workflow, and adds behind-the-scenes improvements like background rendering to make Primatte faster and more responsive. 
Primatte Chromakey removes a blue/green background from a still image or footage, leaving the subject against a transparent background with any color cast removed. Versioin 3.5 excels in preserving important, difficult details like wisps of hair, translucent glass and mesh fabrics, according to Digital Anarchy President Jim Tierney. This makes it easy to convincingly place the subject on a custom background, then substitute that background as needed, he adds.

Primatte’s new 64-bit speed takes advantage of Photoshop Action and Batch functionality to process large groups of images. Primatte Chromakey 3.5 for Photoshop is regularly priced at US$299, but will have an introductory sale of $199 until Aug. 31. Current owners of Primatte 3.0 can update for $99 through Aug. 31; after that it’s $129.

Primatte 3.5 runs in Adobe Photoshop 7.0–CS5 and Photoshop Elements 6.0-9.0. The plugin runs on Mac OS X 10.4 and higher. Demo filters and samples are available at .