SonicIdeas (“ has released SonicMood for Mac OS X 10.3.9 and higher. The update adds the Moods “Windy Day” and “Climbing Mount Fuji.”

There’s also now an undo/redo for the main SonicMood window, the Edit window, and the Mixer window now share a common stack. The other windows, like Preferences and the Picture window, continue to have separate undo/redo stacks.Version also makes some changes to the Edit window to make it a little more understandable.

SonicMood’s 28 ambient nature music Moods can be found at the iTunes Store with each Mood available for US$0.99. SonicMood is an $12.95 Mac only application that’s designed as a multifaceted ambient music-maker/player. Each of the 28 available Moods on the SonicMood Player can be completely altered and edited .

SonicMood has two separate types of sound generation — the MIDI player and the Soundfiles that come with the application. Each of the 28 Moods have three separate MIDI instruments and three separate Soundfiles. Those MIDI instruments and Soundfiles can be changed and tweaked in a variety of ways.