Media measurement technology firm, General Sentiment, has released its quarterly Top 20 report highlighting the brands that made the biggest media impact for the quarter. Apple topped General Sentiment’s Impact Value rankings this quarter on the strength of its iPad and iPhone 4 product releases.

Google fell to the number three spot despite generating record levels of discussion for the brand.  This marks the fourth quarterly analysis of its kind by General Sentiment, whose premier report was for the third quarter of 2009. General Sentiment also announced the launch of a new media value metric called Perception Value, which measures the brand with a greater emphasis on the quality of the content and exposure.

For the first time, General Sentiment has produced a top-10 ranking of winners and losers based on Perception Value. Perception Value isolates effects of the public sentiment on brand value by assigning positive value to positive mentions and negative value to negative mentions.

“It is probably no surprise this quarter that BP topped the list of biggest losers following the oil spill disaster in April,” says Greg Artzt, CEO of General Sentiment.  “One surprise, however, is retailer Polo Ralph Lauren taking the winning ranking.”

He adds that some of the biggest surprises in the report include Apple taking the top Impact Value spot, and Adobe following BP as one of the biggest Perception Value losers of the quarter.  “Clearly the ‘Flash compatibility’ battle has not worked in Adobe’s favor,” Artzt says.

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