Independent developer Chris Mayer has announced a step-by-step video demo to accompany his range of complete Xcode projects for eBook authors. Entitled “It’s That Easy”, the video lasts just two minutes, but covers every step in creating a book app for iPad or iPhone.

Specifically designed to help authors publish their books on iPhone and iPad devices, these projects are ready-made apps, just waiting for content to be loaded in a choice of either HTML format files or PNG image files. Anyone who can edit a HTML document, or create an image in PNG format can publish a book on iPhone or iPad, sys Mayer.

Pages can be created in any HTML editor such as Dreamweaver, and may use a variety of fonts and styles, as well as images within the pages, or even be image based pages — with a single PNG file loaded for each page. Three complete Xcode Projects ( made available to download for between US$18-$37. A video demo ( has been created to show how the Advanced Book App functions, and is available to view on the Chris Mayer’s web site.