The Incipio SILICRYLIC iPad case (—BlackBlack.html) is a combination of a hard shell and a silicone. It is basically a two type of case. The interior is silicone while the exterior is a hard shell case.

The stern tough shell constructed from acrylic provides a smooth back that keeps away fingerprint marks while the exposed silicone on the edges provide an excellent grip. It can also shield your device from scratches, abrasions, dings, bumps, shocks and drops. It has a beautiful one of a kind design that could definitely score some points for its style and it is very presentable.

The Incipio SILICRYLIC iPad case is being offered in four colors such as: black silicone with black shell as well, White silicone with gray shell, lime silicone and confetti (pink) silicone both with charcoal shell.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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