Streaming Networks ( has announced a new version of the iRecord Pro (PMR-200) with integrated support for the iPad, iPhone 4, and iOS 4. Movies and music can be installed on these devices simply by pressing a single button.

The new iRecord Pro (US$269.99) is also backward compatible with all members of the iPod and iPhone family including the fifth gen iPod nano. Existing iRecord Pro customers can have this same functionality with a software upgrade. (For current owners, the latest firmware is downloadable for $9.99.)

To use iRecord Pro, connect it via standard audio/video (AV) connectors to any TV, set-top-box (STB), DVR, camcorder, VCR, DVD, cassette and LP players, computer or just about any audio and video source. With one touch, iRecord Pro records directly to your choice of portable media player, offering an alternative to drag and drop and iTunes procedures.

In the absence of a portable media player, iRecord Pro can also record to any USB mass storage device: USB sticks and HDDs, as well as a range of mobile phones, and more. Additional capabilities include video broadcasting/podcasting, video streaming over the internet, changing bit rates, lossless audio formats such as WAV, FLAC, and AAC, and many other functions.