If you really love your iPad you can get it its own easy chair. Or at least the US$34.95 iPad Recliner from LapWorks (http://www.laptopdesk.net).

Okay, so the stand isn’t meant for the luxury of the tablet device. It’s for letting you view the iPad hands-free. The iPad Recliner adjusts to a variety of settings for watching videos, reading or viewing photos. You can adjust the angle via the turn of a knob.

I tend to hold my iPad in my hands most of the time. However, the iPad Recliner is great for using the Apple tablet with a wireless keyboard. That’s a set-up that’s a little less cumbersome than using Apple’s own combo keyboard/dock.

Plus, with this iPad accessory, you can use your iPad on your desk, coffee table, or any other space you’d like to work in. With the iPad Recliner, you can elevate your iPad to almost nine inches and adjust the slant of the tablet so that it’s easier to see. What’s more, the iPad Recliner sports rubber cushion rest for the foot of the iPad. This helps keep the tablet from slipping.

Depending on your needs, you may not need a stand for your iPad. But if you do, the iPad Recliner is the La-Z Boy of recliners for the device.

Rating: 7 out of 10