NextWorth (, a player in consumer electronic upgrade and trade-in programs, has announced a new trade-in program for iPhone owners that covers the full subsidized price of upgrading from the current iPhone 3Gs to the new iPhone 4.
Currently, NextWorth customers can receive between US$208 and $260 for their 16GB iPhone 3Gs when trading in their iPhone through the service. With the new 16GB iPhone 4 prices starting at $199, trade-in amounts will fully cover the cost of an upgrade, plus extra cash for accessories, according to NextWorth CEO Dave Chen.
NextWorth provides attractive trade-in value for every Apple iPhone model — new or used. iPhones purchased by NextWorth in any condition will be refurbished and resold by NextWorth, keeping the used devices out of the waste stream, thereby promoting reuse and recycle, Chen says.
A list of additional participating retailers and more information on NextWorth can be found on the company’s we bsite. In addition to iPhone trade-ins, NextWorth also offers trade-in services for iPods and iPads, cell phones, eBook readers, Laptops, digital cameras, GPS systems, movie DVDs, video games and video game consoles.