The PandaWare Company ( has released version 3.1 of DiskWrangler, its file launcher and browser for Mac OS X users who prefer keeping their hands on the keyboard. The upgrade offers a number of improvements for working in Mac OS X 10.6 (“Snow Leopard”), as well as a cleaner, more focused interface, and a number of other improvements.

The software also now includes a Find File feature and an option for exporting disk or folder content listings.DiskWrangler’s Launcher lets you launch specific applications, files and web and e-mail URLs, all from the keyboard. Launcher Sets allow users to open any number of files and applications at once. Keyboard shortcuts allows users to launch and activate applications with keystrokes.

DiskWrangler’s Browser lets users view and manipulate files under keyboard control. It allows viewing files and setting their file attributes and permissions, as well as copying, moving, and deleting files. Users can choose to view and manipulate the files and folders the Finder shows, or see more detailed views that include invisible items and files and folders in OS X’s Unix subsystem. The Browser also allows exporting file lists.

A 30-day demo of DiskWrangler is available at the PandaWare web site. Registration is US$25.