KavaSoft has released HyperImage 3.0 (http://www.kavasoft.com/HyperImage/), an update of the US$25 Mac OS X app that lets you download images from web sites. It’s a tool for downloading entire web sites worth of pictures all at once.

Version 3.0 adds an image search feature, and is optimized for the most popular photo blogs. It automatically downloads the highest-resolution user-submitted content, while ignoring the stuff you don’t want. You can download every photo from blog after blog, creating your own mirror of your favorite part of the blogosphere.

To use HyperImage you enter the address of a web site in the toolbar. You can download several galleries or sites at once. The software is compatible with sites that require a log-in.

HyperImage includes a built-in image browser. You can skip over unwanted images and choose which links to follow. With HyperImage you can also include or exclude images with certain names and choose which image formats to download.