June 30, 2003, Waltham, MA. LispWorks, the portable ANSI Common Lisp
integrated development tool from Xanalys, is available for the Macintosh

Xanalys’s powerful CAPI graphical libraries are now implemented on top of
the new Apple Cocoa API. Combined with the robust Unix-based LispWorks
kernel, this enables LispWorks to offer a unique, powerful and fun to use
Lisp development environment for Macintosh Mac OS X (10.2 or higher) users

Availability and Pricing

As of June 30th, 2003, LispWorks for Macintosh is available as a
Professional Edition at $999 and Enterprise Edition at $2,999. The
Enterprise Edition includes Common SQL, LispWorks ORB and KnowledgeWorks.
Support and Maintenance packages are also available.

Environments and Enhancements

LispWorks for Macintosh supports:

* native Mac OS X GUI with Aqua look and feel through Cocoa, and

* the X11/Motif-based GUI familiar to users of LispWorks for Unix and
LispWorks for Linux

Additional new features and enhancements in LispWorks 4.3 include:

More powerful hash tables
Improved CLOS
Improved MOP compliance
More compiler checks
Bivalent streams
FLI supports bit fields in structs and unions
CAPI extensions
New Stepper tool
Various other IDE improvements
Serial Port interface on Windows
Comprehensive documentation for CAPI and FLI
Updated documentation (including the metaobject protocol)
Source code for the LispWorks Editor

LispWorks 4.3 for Windows, Linux and Unix platforms will follow in Q3 2003.

Please contact us via email to lisp-sales@xanalys.com or call us to place
your order.

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