Adobe has unveiled a new digital viewer technology that enables print publishers to offer digital versions of their magazines.

This new publishing software was developed with input from Condé Nast’s “WIRED” magazine, a publication that recently debuted a digital edition for the iPad, utilizing the new digital viewer technology. WIRED’s June issue Reader application, now available through the Apple App Store for US$4.99, is built using Adobe’s digital viewer software.

“Adobe’s work with WIRED has resulted in a digital magazine format that creates an immersive experience, allowing a publication’s unique content, look and feel and advertising to stand out in the digital realm,” says David Burkett, vice president and general manager, Creative Solutions at Adobe. “We aim to make our digital viewer software available to all publishers soon and plan to deliver versions that work across multiple hardware platforms. It’s safe to say that if you are already working in InDesign CS5, you’ll be well on your way to producing a beautiful digital version of your publication.”

The WIRED Reader showcases the capabilities of Adobe’s new digital viewer technology, allowing readers to experience video content, slide-shows, 360 degree images and rotate content in vertical and horizontal modes. Designed by the award-winning print team, the WIRED Reader goes several steps further, taking advantage of the tablet form factor and enabling readers to explore magazine content using touch gestures, including a zoomed-out browse mode, to see the content of the issue at a glance. Readers are able to experience the design fidelity of a print magazine, with the dynamic interactivity of digital media.

The viewer technology also promises a new advertising paradigm, says Burkett. With the WIRED Reader major corporations are already using the new interactive features to deliver high-impact brand campaigns. These advertisements encourage readers to interact with each brand, integrate seamlessly with the content and keep readers within the magazine experience, says Burkett. To learn more about the Adobe’s digital publishing platform for magazines, eBooks and newspapers go to: .