MacCaption Player from CPC (, which provides HD closed captioned/subtitled video to museum kiosks, is being released today at the American Association of Museums’ “MuseumExpo” in Los Angeles.

MacCaption Player can output captioned and subtitled HD video superior to that of Blu-ray because of its capability to accept video exported directly from a broadcast editing system, using the video format that is native to the editing system, such as Apple ProRes, according to the folks at the American Association of Museums. And Runs on Reliable and Energy Efficient Mac Computers. MacCaption Player software runs on a Mac mini or any other newer model Mac.

MacCaption Player software comes with a display controller that allows the public to control the display of captions and subtitles. It uses standard cables such as USB and HDMI. In most cases, no additional wiring is necessary. The ADA (American’s with Disabilities Act) requires that video shown in public accommodations such as museums be accessible to the hard-of-hearing. Closed captioning is a perfect way to meet this requirement. Contact the American Association of Museums for pricing.