Apple’s run of “incredible products (and growth) has been achieved with a staggeringly low R&D spend,” reports “Silicon Alley Insider” ( The article says Apple only spent US$4.6 billion on R&D over the past four years, while revenues soared from $25 billion to $43 billion.

In contrast, Microsoft spent 700% that amount on R&D during the same period: $31 billion. Likewise Cisco and Intel spent about 400% as much as Apple on R&D — $19 billion and  $23 billion respectively.

“These are astounding differences above Apple’s research and development spend, especially considering that during this period Apple developed the iPhone and iPad,” says “Silicon Alley Insider.” “In fact it’s rumored that Apple brought the iPhone to market for a mere $150 million, doing so organically without acquisition outside of a touch gesture recognition company named FingerWorks.”