Final Cut Pro Templates has launched Drop Zones Vol 2 ( This new, US$120 pack of Master Templates offers 48 new options for introducing and removing video clips with 3D animation.

Because Drop Zones Vol 2 is based on Apple’s Master Template architecture, editors can use Drop Zones Vol 2 inside Final Cut Pro, saving the time and expense of a visit to a VFX shop, according to Sam Liberto, creative director at Final Cut Pro Templates. Drop Zones Vol 2 is available in a 1080p resolution at 30fps, 25fps, and 24fps.

It also comes in NTSC DV and PAL DV options. The Templates work in both Final Cut Pro 6 and Final Cut Pro 7, as well as Motion version 3 and higher. The Final Cut Pro Templates web site also received a fresh update with a series of tutorials highlighting the new features of Drop Zones Vol 2. One video explains how Drop Zones functionality has improved in this release with the ability to import a tall image without cropping the top and bottom.