In order to support its revMobile customer base, Mirye Software ( says it submitted an in-depth proposal to Apple that it create an iPhone-only product that uses native Cocoa objects, supports 100% of their application programming interface (API), “works perfectly with multitasking and battery life, but uses a variant of the revTalk language to use these objects and APIs, and then translates those into native code.

“While a significant engineering departure for us from the current revMobile path, this solution would have resulted in perfect-quality iPhone-only applications impossible to distinguish from native applications,” says Lynn Fredericks of Mirye Software. “Apple clearly and distinctly turned down the proposal with a very clear message from Steve Jobs himself.”

he says RunRev is regrouping from this set back, and revMobile as it is planned will be re-engineered into a prototyping tool.

“Our view at Mirye Software is that the field is clear and open for development of revMobile applications for Google’s Android, and that is where revMobile should be directed,” Fredericks says. “Kevin Miller agrees and we will be seeing such a tool.  With its iPad product, Apple has created a product which Steve Jobs believes is the progenitor of the next generation of computing devices and that Apple must have complete control over its direction. Fortunately, Google provides an excellent platform with Android – one that will developers to create applications that their customers want, rather than applications that Apple thinks its customers should have.”

Mirye Software publishes Runtime Revolution in North America in cooperation with Runtime Revolution, based in Scotland. Runtime Revolution is a heir to Apple HyperCard as it brings the HyperCard language and format forward in time to be a modern development environment.