Seagate ( has introduced the next evolution of the company’s FreeAgent external hard drives — its GoFlex storage solutions. The family includes plug-and-play portable and desktop drives with an array of interchangeable cables and desktop adapters that allow each drive to adapt to the interface or device being used.

GoFlex hard disk drives are also specially designed to provide interoperability between operating systems in order to work with both Mac OS X and Windows systems, according to Dave Mosley, executive vices president, Sales, Marketing and Product Line Management, Seagate. For the first time, Seagate will include an NTFS driver for Mac OS X on all GoFlex portable and desktop offerings, enabling storage and access of files from both Mac and Windows computers.

The NTFS driver is simply installed once on your Mac computer, and allows access and storage of files on a Windows-formatted drive. With capacities ranging from 320GB to 2TB, FreeAgent GoFlex prices start at US$89.99.

Seagate has also announced the GoFlex TV HD media player ($129.99) and the GoFlex Net media sharing device ($99.99). Using the GoFlex TV HD media player consumers can enjoy their personal digital media library on their television screen by inserting a GoFlex ultra-portable drive or GoFlex Pro ultra-portable drive directly into the media dock, or connecting another storage device, digital or Flip camera to the two additional USB ports on the back of the device.

The GoFlex Net media sharing device transforms a GoFlex ultra-portable drive, GoFlex Pro ultra-portable drive, or any USB mass storage, into a media sharing device, allowing consumers to enjoy their digital content outside their home using a computer, iPad, iPod touch, Android, iPhone, BlackBerry or any other internet-connected computer. The GoFlex Net media sharing device also integrates with social media websites, such as Facebook and Twitter, and publishes RSS feeds allowing people to keep friends and family updated.