Karelia Software has announced the immediate availability of a screencast video training course for its Sandvox web site builder (http://www.karelia.com/sandvox/training/). The video training course runs for 2.5 hours total, divided into 19chapters.

The training is divided into five sections: The Basics, covering general document management; Page Components, describing the many types of pages, pagelets, and collections; Moving Along, delving into topics such as blogging, making use of the inspector, and customizing designs with banners and logos; Getting Published, showing how to upload a site to any web host, with specific tutorials on three of Karelia’s hosting partners; and Advanced Features, walking the viewer through tasks such as injecting custom HTML code onto the page and performing Search Engine Optimization with Google’s tools.

The course is available in two forms. Access for viewing the videos online has an introductory price of US$69; this goes up to $79 on May 25. There’s a DVD course with an introductory price of $139 plus shipping and tax; this will go up to $149 on May 25. While the videos are available to watch in a standard size of 640×480 pixels, the DVD also includes full-size (1024×768) videos, iPhone-ready videos (480×360), sample Sandvox documents used in the training, and a full transcript as bonus materials.

The training package is in English; the videos are encoded in H.264 MPEG-4 format. Some of the features mentioned in the training require the pro version of Sandvox.