Plugable Technologies ( has launched two new USB graphics products enabling expandability of any laptop or desktop system with a spare USB port.

The UGA-125 (US$49.99) enables multiple VGA, DVI, or HDMI monitors or projectors to be added to any system via USB 2.0 (one extra display supported per adapter). Each display can extend the desktop or mirror other displays. The UGA-125 is designed for multi-taskers who want to see and work with several applications or documents at once, including programmers, designers, writers, office managers, day traders, customer service and sales personnel, etc.

The second product in the UGA-125 family, the UGA-125-HUB ($59.99), also includes a matching bus-powered 4-port USB 2.0 hub. This provides a solution for docking any laptop to an extra display, keyboard, and mouse. Unlike proprietary docking stations, the hub solution works with any brand of computer, using standard USB 2.0 connectivity and components. Note that docking stations attached over USB won’t charge the laptop they’re connected to.

Both use the DisplayLink DL-125 chip, capable of modes up to 1440×900 (widescreen) or 1280×1024 (standard) on higher-resolution monitors.