Apple CEO Steve Jobs has been named to the “2010 TIME 100” (,32232,1984685_1984745_1985499,00.html), TIME Magazine’s list of “the people who most affect our world.” It’s his fifth appearance on the list.

Jeff Koons, an artist living in New York City, offered these thoughts on Jobs for the TIME list: “Apple’s core ideal has always been to make people’s experience of computing as accessible and pleasurable as possible. As a young man, Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO, decided to be the Beatles of computing. I once said that I make what the Beatles would have made if they made sculpture, and I can appreciate how Steve, 55, applies their ethos of optimism to his work. The tools he has given us, from the Macs at my studio to the iPhone in my pocket, are like clean, new windows, fitting between our selves and our work elegantly, naturally and unobtrusively. It’s great to see Steve stay true to his vision. I can imagine some young artist saying today, ‘I make what Steve Jobs would make if he made sculpture’.”