Economy-x-Talk has released CC File Converter (, an utility for Mac OS X 10.4 and later to change the color profile of image files. Some graphics editing software packages call this the color mode, color space, or mode.

For example, images can be in GIF, JPEG, PNG or TIFF format. Additionally, colors can be defined by a CMYK, RGB or other color space. Pictures may print slightly dark on some printers, while slightly brighter, or with a more intense red, on other printers. Devices often need their own color profile. Many people change the color settings of their computer screen, which in Mac OS X implies the creation of a custom color profile.

With CC File Converter you can convert picture files to make images look more similar on different computer screens and different printers, even in different software packages. It has the capability to automatically find all color profiles that are available on your hard drive. There’s no need to adjust installed ICC files, to copy them to a new location on your hard drive or to tell CC File Converter where to find them.

CC File Converter can convert an image file in PNG format in RGB mode to an image file in TIFF format in CMYK mode, for instance. It uses color profile definitions as supported by the International Color Consortium (ICC). Because CC File Converter uses ICC profiles, you can even convert an image file into a custom color space to match your computer screen or printer. If you have purchased a professional digital camera which uses a custom color profile, you can convert images made with this camera into a color space that’s more suitable for web display.

CC File Converter is sold together with Color Converter. Although the two programs are part of one package, they’re also available as separate products. Both CC File Converter and Color Converter cost approximately US$10 each, but you can get them both in the Color Conversion Suite for approximately $16.