Bjango ( has updated iStat Menus, its system monitoring app for Mac OS X, to version 3.0. The upgrade includes a large number of enhancements and fixes, as well as a completely new preferences user interface and streamlined installation.

iStat Menus allows you to monitor a plethora of handy information about your Mac, such as CPU & memory usage, disk usage, network usage, temperatures and fan speeds, right from your menubar. The battery extra is brand new to version 3, offering two configureable low battery warnings and menubar information that’s customizable for each power state. It also monitors Bluetooth keyboards and mice, plus uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs). It is far, far more customizable than the standard OS X extra.

Almost every aspect of iStat Menus has been enhanced in version 3.0. The Sensors extra now includes the ability to change the fan speed on Intel-based Macs, as well as new display modes and support for the latest Macs. The Date & Time extra has been updated to include moon phase information, fuzzy clock and sun and moon rise/set times for each of the 20,000-plus included cities in the world clock section. Support for the newest Macs has been added to the network extra, along with public IP address display and improved support for PPP connections.

iStat Menus 3.0 costs US$10 for a single user license and $18 for a five-license family pack. A demo is available for download.