nova media introduces universal 3G UMTS/GPRS PC Card modem for Mac OS X

Berlin, Germany, 2nd of June — nova media today unveiled GlobeTrotter 3G
Quad, a PC Data Card with support for 3G UMTS connections in Europe and
GPRS connections worldwide. Globetrotter 3G Quad is a valueable PowerBook
travel companion and includes Mobile High Speed 3G to set-up and use a
mobile Internet connection in most places of the world.

“GlobeTrotter 3G Quad is compatible to all 850, 900, 1800, 1900 and 2100
MHz networks and can virtually be used anywhere in the world.”, states Jan
Fuellemann, PR spokesperson at nova media. “Mobile High Speed 3G is the
perfect software to ensure a hassle-free internet connection with your
beloved Powerbook at nearly every place you have a GSM reception.”

With more than 200 connection settings already included, Mobile High Speed
3G eases the set-up of Mac OS X for an 3G UMTS or GPRS connection. After
the automatic set-up, all connection details already in place and the
system is ready to connect with no pain of entering INIT strings, APN
numbers, user names and passwords or making expensive support calls to
non-mac-friendly providers.

GlobeTrotter 3G Quad is Tiger-ready and runs on any PowerBook with a PC
Card slot type II and Mac OS X 10.3.x or 10.4.x.

GlobeTrotter 3G Quad including Mobile High Speed 3G is available immediatly
at nova media ( for Euro 389,- plus VAT.

About nova media:
The founders of nova media Mobile Data Solutions GmbH started their
business in 1996 in Berlin. The company is specialized on mobile data
solutions for Mac OS, Windows and Palm OS. More information at or phone +49 30 3909040.