Bare Bones Software ( has released BBEdit 9.5, an update to its strength HTML and text editor. The upgrade introduces a new in-window Live Search bar that actively searches for text as it is typed and highlights matches in the window’s editing view.

The new Live Search bar also includes “previous” and “next” arrows, as well as their corresponding key commands and Emacs key bindings. The new Live Search bar supplants
the modal Quick Search window.

Complementing its support for attaching scripts to menu commands, BBEdit 9.5 introduces the ability to attach scripts to more than a dozen specific application and document events, including “open” and “save.” BBEdit 9.5 also includes support for directly browsing Zip files, enhancements to text completion, a new “Reveal in Project List” command for quick identification of the active document and contextual Subversion commands within project file

The BBEdit 9.5 update also includes fixes to reported issues and interface enhancements and refinements. The update is available free of charge to all registered BBEdit 9 customers. FOr new users it has a suggested retail price of US$125. Any registered owner of BBEdit prior to version 9.x can upgrade for US$30.