Equinux (http://www.equinux.com) has released CoverScout 3.3 and SongGenie 2, software tools designed to complement iTunes.

CoverScout is a tool for completing album covers in iTunes. It searches multiple music archives like Amazon, WalMart and Google Image Search simultaneously. It can also be adjusted to include additional search sources. In the integrated cover editor, each album cover can be edited with pixel precision, rotated, cropped, scaled and the colors can be adjusted. CoverScout even offers the option to photograph rare albums with one’s iSight. Version 3.3 now integrates with SongGenie 2, which helps to identify music tracks and find song lyrics.

CoverScout is available for US$39.95 in the equinux online store. It runs on Mac OS X 10.5 and higher. Version 3.3 is a free update for registered users of version 3.x.

SongGenie is a software application designed to analyze, detect and label music data. Version 2.0 automatically searches online for lyrics.

SongGenie constructs an acoustic fingerprint of each track and, based on specific characteristics, detects the appropriate artist name, song title and album title. It automatically identifies tracks containing incomplete or incorrect information. It even detects music titles for tracks with no artist, album or song title information; titles that were digitalized without extra information and are therefore called, for example, “Title 01” and additional characters that suggest incorrect names like an underline.

Using an acoustic fingerprint, SongGenie determines which track to work on and intuitively inserts the correct information in its user interface. With just a click, the appropriate description text is transferred to the track in question.

SongGenie 2 checks freely accessible web archives for lyrics and saves them directly in the music file. In addition, users can browse through a fully configurable web search which they can use to look up rare lyrics. SongGenie detects passages of text on various websites and can apply the found text with a single mouse click. Users can even check the found lyrics by listening to the song in SongGenie itself.

SongGenie costs US$29.95. Registered users can upgrade SongGenie for a discount using the equinux License Manager.