Intego (, a Mac security specialist, has released VirusBarrier Server 3, the latest version of its anti-malware and network protection software for Macs running as servers. It includes new threat-detection techniques, improved methods of detection, and combined detection protocol.
According to the folks at Intego, in addition to being the best defense against viruses and malware for Macs, VirusBarrier Server 3 adds more than 100 new features that provide hardened security and help protect against the latest threats. Here are some of them:
° Remote GUI administration: VirusBarrier Server 3 allows administrators to manage the program remotely, with full access to all settings and configurations. Administrators can manage multiple servers from a single GUI console and the program can also be administered locally. With VirusBarrier Server Admin, administrators get a bird’s-eye view of all the servers they are

° Two-way firewall: VirusBarrier Server 3 now includes a two-way firewall, extending the program’s protection beyond detecting and eradicating malware. This firewall offers preset configurations, for basic situations, and customizable, rule-based settings for advanced users.

° Antivandal: VirusBarrier Server 3 protects servers from intrusions and network attacks.

° New types of malware detected: VirusBarrier Server 3 detects a range of new types of malware, such as scareware (software that tries to trick users into thinking their Mac is infected, in order to get them to pay for software), spyware (including commercial software used as keyloggers or monitoring tools), hacking tools, dialers (software that initiates phone calls to premium-rate phone numbers), proof-of-concept malware (software designed to show how to exploit a vulnerability, which is not circulating “in the wild”), and more.

° E-mail server protection: VirusBarrier Server 3 integrates with the Mac OS X Server’s e-mail server to scan incoming and outgoing e-mails for malicious attachments. When infected e-mails are found, they’re quarantined until an administrator can check them.

° Fine-tuned scanning and security policies: users can choose from a number of detailed options to determine exactly what is scanned and when, and the type of threats that VirusBarrier Server 3 scans for.
° Performance control: users can choose a level of CPU time to be allocated to background scans, in order to optimize CPU and disk priorities for malware scans.

°  Updates: virus definition and threat filter updates can be applied automatically without restarting the server. Updates can also be served from a specific local folder; all computers using VirusBarrier Server 3 can be set to check for updates in that local folder.

° 64-bit software: VirusBarrier Server 3, like all of Intego’s software, is now provided with 64-bit code, fully compatible with Snow Leopard, and ready for the future.
VirusBarrier Server 3 requires Mac OS X 10.5 or higher. It costs US49.95 for a standard pack (that protects up to two users) or $69.95 for a family pack (serves up to five Macs). Upgrades from previous versions are $34.95 for a standard pack and $59.95 for a family pack.