Vaura has released MynaTime (, personal workout software for Mac OS X 10.5 or higher. It offers your own assistant that talks you step-by-step through workouts.

MynaTime converts the text to voice and speaks instructions in real time during a workout, all set to your music of choice, with Apple’s lifelike text-to-speech voice, Alex. From weightlifting and yoga to running and physical therapy, MynaTime is ideal for any activity that can be represented as a series of timed actions, says Vaura President Joe Klinger. With less than a page of text, most workouts can be expressed in detail, including the sequence of exercises, rest periods, weight, target heart rate and more.

MynaTime is available online through for US$34.95 plus shipping. Check out for an online guided tour of how the software works. It includes sample files illustrating its use for weightlifting, yoga, cycling and physical therapy.