Yamaha Electronics Corp. (http://www.yamaha.com) has introduced three new in-ear headphones for iPods, MP3 players, iPods and other portable entertainment devices.

The line, which includes the EPH-20 (US$29.95), EPH-30 ($49.95) and EPH-50 ($99.95), takes advantage of the company’s long-held expertise in audio and music products to provide Yamaha’s signature natural sound, noise isolation, comfort and durability to casual listeners and audiophiles, the company says. All models provide a set of three ear buds of various sizes.

The EPH-50 features a larger audio driver and a quarter-inch plug adapter for home stereo use The EPH-20 is available in five colors, including black, hot pink, indigo blue, lime green and red berry brown. The EPH-50 and EPH-30 are available in black and white.