Encoding.com, a global provider of studio-class online video encoding services, has announced support for HTTP Live Streaming for Apple’s iPhone, iPod touch, and the iPad mobile devices.

HTTP streaming enables publishers to provide users with a better video experience by continuously adapting the video stream in real-time to match the user’s available bandwidth, says Encoding.com CEO Jeremy Farber. Encoding.com is excited to bring Apple’s new capability to the five hundred customers currently in its roster, he adds.

Starting with iPhone OS 3.0 and QuickTime X, video producers can deliver streaming audio and video over HTTP from an ordinary web server for playback on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad mobile devices. This is called HTTP Live Streaming and supports both live broadcasts and video on demand. Because it uses HTTP, most edge servers, media distributors, caching systems, routers and firewalls support this type of streaming.