AT&T executives have reportedly been working with Apple to resolve the issues regarding its highly criticized network issues. iPhone users have long complained about dropped calls and slow data connections.

Now, as rumors circulate (again) that Verizon iPhone is in the works, AT&T is reportedly working with Apple on improving network communication. AT&T executives flew to Apple’s campus last year to assure Apple CEO Steve Jobs that they were working to resolve the issues and instruct Apple handset designers on wireless networking, AT&T Chief Technology Officer John Donovan told “The New York Times” (

In mid-December, AT&T executives set up a 100-day plan to dramatically improve the company’s network in densely-populated cities, he said. It’s long been understood that AT&T’s exclusivity deal with Apple would eventually end. If that end coincides with the release of a Verizon iPhone later this year, then that gives AT&T at least six months to improve coverage and may help combat customer defections, according to “CNET” (