RapidWeaver theme developer seyDoggy has released Flavorite Ultimate (http://www.seydesign.com/themes/Flavorite/), a “smart theme that harnesses the power of today’s web without sacrificing the ease of use that RapidWeaver has always been known for.”

As a seyDoggy Ultimate theme, Flavorite comes fully loaded with powerful features, including a built in slideshow, 2-tier split navigation, rounded corners and ExtraContent,. Key features include: a selectable slideshow; four ExtraContent areas; 10 customizable headers; header height adjustment; two footer modes; two tier, split navigation; sidebar width; sidebar positioning; color control; width control; and font size, style and line height control

Flavorite is one of many RapidWeaver themes enabled with the ExtraContent feature, an open source collaborative technology that allows usable content spaces in RapidWeaver (e.g. built-in blog pages, photo albums, Flash slideshows, or iFrame pages) to be extended beyond what the application would normally allow, offering the user additional usable space and, along with that, a wide variety of new opportunities for enhanced creative expression.

With ExtraContent, it’s possible to add a personal touch to previously unreachable areas of a page, by adding a lifestream (Twitter, LastFM, Delicious, etc.) below a blog page, adding a Web 2.0 footer to a site’s file sharing page, or performing another of the many potential modifications.

Flavorite Ultimate requires Mac OS X 10.4.11 or higher and RapidWeaver 3.7 or higher. It’s available now for $20.49 CAD at seyDoggy’s online RapidWeaver theme store.