Apple Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook spoke today at the Goldman Sachs Technology & Internet Conference and made several interesting statements, including that the Apple TV is still (sigh) a hobby, the iMac is the best computer in the world and that Apple isn’t worried about the iPad cannibalizing sales of its laptops.

Among the things he mentioned:

° Though Apple is the world’s largest seller of digital content, the Apple TV remains a “hobby.” Sales of the Apple TV did grow in the latest quarter by 35% on a unit basis year-over-year and Apple’s “gut tells us there is something there.” But there are no plans to move it beyond the hobby stage yet, as “we have not interest in the TV market.” (Which, of course, based on Apple’s past statements of things it’s not interested in, means Apple IS interested in the TV market.)

° The iMac is the best desktop computer in the world and Apple will continue to invest in it. The iMac is, and will continue to be, “very key” to Apple’s success.

° When it comes to the iPad and Apple laptops, “when somebody looks at iPad, and compare to netbook, I find it hard to believe anyone will buy a netbook.” But he doesn’t think the iPad sales will have much impact on the sales of traditional laptops.

° The Mac has outgrown the market in 20 of last 21 quarters and has outgrown the market for five years in a row.

° The iPod touch is a massive hit with sales up 55% in the December quarter.

And Cook had lots more to say. You can read a complete report at the “Barron’s” web site (