The CompactFlash Association (CFA) has announced the availability of the recently approved CF5.0 Specification.

The CF5.0 work group was formed in November, 2008 to add key features to the already popular CF4.1 specification based on the PATA (Parallel ATA) interface. The new CF5.0 specification adds the several key features/benefits to the memory card that started the digital photography revolution. You can see the complete list at .

To help manufacturers and consumers differentiate the new CF5 cards, the CompactFlash Association has created an evolutionary CF5 compatibility mark, according to Shigeto Kanda of Canon and the CFA chairman of the CFA. Additionally, since the Video Performance Guarantee feature is optional, the CompactFlash Association has created a Video Performance Guarantee compatibility mark that host and card manufactures can use to help end users choose the right card, he adds.