Macworld Expo 2010 ( is now underway at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. And if the morning updates are a bit slow, it’s because Yours Truly is en route to the annual event.

“We’re excited to deliver one of the most dynamic and interesting Macworlds ever,” says Paul Kent, vice president and general manager for Macworld 2010. “From the first ever face-to-face marketplace for iPhone apps, to product discovery opportunities for software, hardware and accessories for the Mac, to dozens of important product announcement events, to informative and entertaining feature presentations — this year’s Macworld shines a spotlight on all of the amazing things people are doing across the Apple-products ecosystem. The show brings together buyers, sellers, developers, users — the entire spectrum of the Apple-product using community — to meet, do business and learn. Macworld is truly the premier meeting place for this market.”

Macworld 2010 show highlights include the following:

° The Macworld 2010 First Looks program highlights the latest innovations for the Mac, iPhone and iPod platforms. Macworld 2010 will see the introduction of new products such as: a diagnostic tool that identifies your car’s potential repair problems; gloves that mimic human touch and allow you to use your iPhone in harsh weather; a shoulder/hip bag with integrated controls that interface with iPods or iPhones; and, a paper scanner that sends documents and photos directly to popular desktop and web apps.

° Feature presentations from industry luminaries including: New York Times author and personal technology columnist, David Pogue; co-founder Guy Kawasaki; This Week in Tech‘s this WEEK in TECH’s Leo Laporte; multimedia expert David Biedny, Daring Fireball publisher John Gruber; and author, actor and film maker Kevin Smith.

° New-to-market products and industry innovators will be unveiled at Macworld DEMO: Best of Show on Thursday, Feb. 11, 11 am to 12 pm in Room 134 of the North Hall in the Moscone Center.

° Guy Kawasaki Feature Presentation: “Revolution from the Rest of Us” takes place on Friday, Feb. 12, from 9:00am – 10:00am in Room 134 of Moscone North Hall. Kawasaki, co-founder of and a Mac industry legend, will discuss the current state of innovation and revolution in the tech market, as well as the characteristics of visionaries who drive innovation. Kawasaki will host industry visionaries from the Apple-products market: Square’s Jack Dorsey, Bing’s Florian Voss, Boinx Software’s Oliver Breidenbach, and HearPlanet’s Steve Echtman, all of whom have succeeded in delivering game-changing products due to their creative approach to technology design.

° The iPad Special Event on Saturday, Feb. 13, from 1-2:00 pm in Room 134 of Moscone North Hall features Jason Snell, vice president and editorial director at Macworld. Snell will delve into what the iPad means for users, developers, the tech industry and the ancillary industries it affects. The iPad Special Event will be followed by a Q&A session and an opportunity for a Macworld 2010 attendee to win an iPad after the product begins shipping.