Raidon ( is has announced the GearRAID
GR7650-4S-WBS2, a RAID 5, triple interface storage solution in a 1U
rack-mount form factor. It has a suggested manufacturer’s retail
price of US$480.

It features the latest triple interfaces including two FireWire 800
ports, USB 2.0 and eSATA with port multiplication. The GearRAID
GR7650-4S-WBS2 is hot-pluggable and is immediately recognized by Mac
OS X and Windows systems with no extra software needed.
The GearRAID GR7650-4S-WBS2 features a RAID 5 engine, delivering
digital data to multiple discs simultaneously. When using the latest
2TB drives, the GearRAID allows for up to 6TB of usable storage in
RAID 5 in a 4-bay, 1U form-factor. The GearRAID provides throughputs
of up to 220 MB/second.

In the event of hard drive failure, the GearRAID can automatically
switch operations to the remaining drives and alert the user via its
hardware system status indicator and built-in audio alarm. The
GearRAID is capable of acting as a RAID 5 boot drive via FireWire and
USB 2.0 connection. It provides fault-tolerance and is resistant to
a single drive failure. This bootable function enables a secondary
boot drive that can be used on another remote workstation if

The GearRAID also a method for users to hot-swap drives from the RAID
array without shutting down the computer. To replace a defective
hard drive, the user pulls out the drive module and inserts a new one.