MetaCommunications (http://www.meta-com) has announced the immediate
release and availability of Workgroups 2010 Package 162.3 upgrade.
Workgroups 2010 is a collaborative workflow and project management
suite that now features built-in support for third party document
scanning and OCR solutions.

This latest release includes a new technology for categorizing and
organizing documents electronically and allowing users to convert
traditional paper-based workflows into electronic ones. Workgroups
2010 now includes support for most scanning and OCR solutions,
including Nuance Paperport & OmniPage, SimpleSoftware’s Simple OCR,
Epson Scan, eCopy PaperWorks, and Microsoft Office Document Imaging.

Once a document has been scanned, it can be picked up by Workgroups
2010, automatically indexed, and moved to the correct location on the
file server. This makes all scanned documents immediately available
to all Workgroups 2010 users. If scanned documents include OCR
information, the text is indexed and can be used to perform ad hoc

The new document scanning and OCR workflow support complements
Workgroups 2010’s existing project management, project workflow
automation, document review and approval, document storage
management, and financial productivity management capabilities. The
new document scanning and OCR workflow capabilities are included in
Workgroups 2010 Package 162.3, which is available for immediate
download on the MetaCommunications web site.