Plustek Technology ( — a manufacturer of
consumer, prosumer, professional and office imaging devices
(including portable scanners, sheet fed/flat bed scanners, wide
format scanners and IP cameras) — has announced an extension to
their OpticFilm line of scanners with the launch of the OpticFilm
7600i SE and the OpticFilm 7600i Ai.

These scanners are designed to take 35mm film and slides and convert
them (at up to 7200 dpi resolution) into digital images. The new
OpticFilm 7600i series uses a new LED based illumination system
instead of the previous cold cathode system. This LED system provides
more consistent illumination and uses up to 30% less power, according
to the folks at Plustek. In addition, the OpticFilm 7600i models
incorporate Infrared (IR) dust and scratch removal and Multiple
Exposure (ME) to increase effective dynamic range of the image.

The OpticFilm 7600i SE ships with LaserSoft SilverFast SE Plus, iSRD
+ ME scanning software. The premier model, the OpticFilm 7600i AI,
ships with LaserSoft SilverFast Ai Studio, The OpticFilm 7600i Ai is
geared toward advanced amateurs, prosumers and professional
photographers. An IT8 calibration slide is included, which allows
users to generate color profiles.

These OpticFilm scanners feature a USB 2.0 interface and have a
maximum resolution of 7200×7200 dpi). They can be used with both Mac
and windows systems. The OpticFilm 7600i SE and OpticFilm 7600i Ai
are priced at US$369 and $589, respectively.