TheNonLinear Software has announced the premier of a new software
application called appOmator (, designed to
make it easy for bands, artists, and anyone else with a creative idea
to quickly and cheaply design iPhone Apps to promote their albums and
other products or services, according to designer and founder Martin

The appOmator software let’s you drag and drop images, video, and
audio files to create a multimedia presentation you can then output
as your own custom iPhone app. The software lets you control how your
application looks — there’s no templates or set design styles. You
can create custom menus with buttons that link to tracks with audio,
video, images, and chapter index markers for seamless playback of
your albums, DJ mixes, or other multimedia presentations.

With the appOmator software, you can design your app on your Mac,
then upload your finished project to the web site for
processing into a finished iPhone app. For a l fee you may then
either download your app and post it to the Apple Apple Store (a
Apple Developer Account required) or choose to have
host and manage your app for you.