Universal Audio (http://www.uaduio.com), a manufacturer of audio
hardware and UAD-2 powered plug-ins for Mac and PC, has announced
several partnerships.

Universal Audio has announced a licensing agreement with the Harman
Pro Group. Under the terms of this agreement, Universal Audio will
develop, market and sell plug-in emulations of select Lexicon,
Studer, dbx, and AKG equipment for the UAD-2 powered plug-in platform.

Universal Audio has also announced a partnership with Ampex Corp.,
which makes magnetic tape and tape recorder technology. Universal
Audio’s team of DSP engineers will model these complex devices and
media, bringing accurate emulations of Ampex magnetic recording tape
to the UAD-2 powered plug-ins platform.

What’s more, Universal Audio has announced a partnership with Dunlop,
a manufacturer of guitar stompboxes and studio-oriented effects under
the Dunlop and MXR brands. Under this partnership, Universal Audio
will deliver a range of effects to the family of plug-ins available
on the UAD-2 platform.

Finally, Universal Audio has announced the impending release of the
highly anticipated Manley Labs Massive Passive EQ plug-ins in the
first quarter of the year. Working with Manley Labs, Universal
Audio’s Massive Passive EQ plug-ins represent the most ambitious EQ
modeling project to date, bringing UAD-2 users both the standard and
mastering versions of this world-renowned hardware EQ, the company