Vuzix Corp. ( — which makes video eyewear for
the mainstream consumer, defense and low vision markets — is
debuting the US$799.99 Wrap 920AR eyewear complete with a stereo
camera pair that “looks” into the world, bringing mixed and augmented
reality content to life at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show

With the new Wrap 920AR, users can view the real-world environment
and computer-generated imagery mixed together, “allowing video game
characters to jump out of the TV and come to life in your living
room, or magazines and books with animated links back to the web in
real time,” according to Vuzix CEO Paul Travers. The stereo camera
pair delivers a single 1504 x 480 side-by-side image that can be
viewed in 3D stereoscopic video, while the video eyewear provides a
67-inch display as seen from 10 feet. The Wrap 920AR also includes a
Six Degree-of-Freedom Tracker, which allows for accuracy of roll
pitch and yaw and also X, Y and Z positioning in 3D space.

“The Wrap 920AR offers the world’s only sunglass styled Augmented
Reality experience” Travers says. “his state-of-the-art video
eyewear, offers consumers an AR solution only available in handheld
devices to date, merging the real world with the digital in a pair of
glasses makes for world changing experiences from industry to gaming.”

The Wrap 920AR offers a one-third inch VGA digital image sensor, 752
x 480 resolution, a 60 fps frame rate and USB connectivity. It’s
compatible with Mac OS X 10.4.9 or higher.