Technocel ( has announced their latest line
of cases for iPhone, Palm and BlackBerry users including Slider
Skins, the Holster/Shield Combo and the Rib-Cage. Providing a stylish
design that blends into your handset. These cases are currently
available for US$19.99 (Slider Skins), $39.99 (Holster/Shield Combo)
and MSRP $29.99 (Rib-Cage Shields).

The Slider Skins feature a high gloss water resistant smooth
material. They’ll be available in a variety of colors and designs for
the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, Palm Pixi and most Blackberry phones.

The Holster/Shield Combo combines a hard-plastic accent shield with a
matching holster for Blackberry Curve 2 and Storm 2 phones. Both
pieces come wrapped in your choice of two materials, leather or
carbon fiber.

The Rib-Cage Shields are high impact plastic shields featuring
interchangeable faceplates for protecting the Blackberry Curve 2. The
shield body is available in either transparent or soft touch black
and the faceplates come in a variety of soft touch and high gloss