Econ Technologies ( is offering three
free applications for your Mac: Portraits & Prints, DayChaser, and
ImageCaster are now free applications.

Econ previously released and sold all three of these applications but
have decided to concentrate on backup and synchronization
applications. Instead of discontinuing them, theye updated all three
applications for Snow Leopard and now offer them free of charge.

“We decided to concentrate on ChronoSync and some future Backup
applications. Since we did not plan any any future updates for
Portraits & Prints, DayChaser, and ImageCaster we did not want to
charge for them anymore. So we updated all three for Snow Leopard and
fixed a few bugs,” says Joe Japes, marketing director of Econ
Technologies. “They are all great applications and we’re happy to
offer them for free to Mac users. I personally use Portraits & Prints
all the time and will continue to need it.”

Portraits & Prints lets you print your photos a variety of ways.
DayChaser is a calendar and scheduling application. ImageCaster is a
webcam solution.